Dec 19, 2014

Secrets Of The Deep

"It's for the joy on the kids faces...."

(Photo - Courtesy WA Museum)A new app and website has been created so we can explore the shipwrecks of WA without getting our feet wet.Cammo got on-board with the idea with the designer Ian Warne. Listen to the interview below and head to the website to check it out - www.shipwreckswa.com Download audio

Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Jalousie

What does the word Wadjemup mean to you? Well, it's a small island off the Western Australian Coast, 19 kilometres from Fremantle.For most of us it's known as Rottnest but for traditional Aboriginal people from the Noongar language group it's known as Wadjemup.Brekkie's Lorraine Horsley wanted to know more, so on her last visit to the island she stopped for a chat with Teagan Goolmeer who is the Product Development Officer with the Rottnest Island Authority.Download audio

What do you know of Wadjemup?

Our Nature man Eric McCrum is fascinating - hear him talk about the secret life of beetles.Download audio

Did you grow up with a fish tank in the corner of the lounge room?Or are you a fish enthusiast who has designed your home with the tank in pride of place?Brekkie's Lorraine Horsley went out to discover a little more about our wet pets. She spoke with aquarium specialists Oliver Storig and Colin Hucker.Download audio

Eric McCrum chats to Cammo about the best of the beetles

Reduce the heat to medium, cover and cook for 1 hour or until thickened and reduced. Remove the lid and cook for a further 8-10 minutes until all the liquid has evaporated. Remove from heat and cool completely.Preheat the oven to 190°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper.Roll out 1 pastry block on a floured surface to form a 15cm x 35cm rectangle.

John Curtis' Fishing Report, Dec 13, 2014

Many beaches have also produced a few tailor right on sun down.Anglers fishing from the rock platforms in the area have been catching bonito and there have been plenty of squid caught from areas adjacent to the headland. Samsonfish have also been taken from the rocks but it is still relatively quiet in comparison to previous weeks.Offshore there are still plenty of red snapper or bight redfish and a few blue morwong and there have been several reasonably sized yellowtail kingfish taken.  Travis Grundman with his YTK he caught out of Walpole. If you have some fishing information, have caught a good fish and have a picture of it and want to brag, or have an item that may be of interest to other anglers and wish to share it, you can send the details to abc720saturdaybreakfast@yahoo.com.au I will try to incorporate it into the blog. “There is a fine line between standing on a beach looking like a fool and fishing.” WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING AT POPULAR FISHING LOCATIONS?MANDURAH:The beaches to the north of Mandurah are starting to produce a few good tailor and a few mulloway early morning with Golden Bay being the pick of the spots. Golden Bay, San Remo, Singleton and Madora are all worth a closer check. The Golden Bay area has been producing some good catches of tailor, herring and whiting.Beaches south of Mandurah are starting to produce consistently with a few tailor and occasional mulloway being taken.

Investigating something fishy

If you’re in the South West - perhaps driving North to Perth - and you venture off the Forrest Highway into the sleepy seaside village of Binningup anytime after sunset, you'll notice a glow in the night sky.It’s coming from Cararma street - from the home of Trevor and Ronnie Hubert.Their Christmas light display draws kids and adults from all over the South West each year...and there's no disputing – it is spectacular. But why did the Hubert’s decide to light the night sky each Christmas period?I asked Ronnie while a hoard of smiling children gathered to enjoy the Christmas wonderland ....  Download audio